Rösterei Berlin



Franklinstraße 12

10587 Berlin

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday: 8.30 – 17:00

Saturday: closed

Sunday: closed

Geschlossen vom 23.12.2023 – 01.01.2024

Rösterei Berlin EINSTEIN KAFFEE Franklin Ufer


At Franklinstraße 12, in an old brick building on the banks of the River Spree, you will find the heart of our coffee houses: the Rösterei Berlin. Here, every morning, our Arabica beans are refined by our roasting master and delivered to our cafés to serve the best coffee in town.

In the adjacent café you can buy our beans at a slightly lower price, and if you just feel like relaxing: our large Spree terrace invites you to linger and enjoy.

Kaffeemanufaktur EINSTEIN KAFFEE Rösterei
Kaffee Rösterei Berlin EINSTEIN KAFFEE Franklinstraße 12