Willkommen im Sortiment

Together with Lohas Beans, we were able to visit the association Asopep (ASOCIACIÓN DE PRODUCTORES ECOLÓGICOS DE PLANADAS) in Planadas Colombia. Founded in 2013, the institution now has over 160 members and takes care of, among other things:

  • training and further education for young people (topics: ecology of coffee cultivation, coffee sensory training)
  • training to strengthen the structure and organisation
  • regular further training to improve coffee cultivation and processing

Now we can announce that our visit has literally borne fruit and that we can offer Asopep's Fair Trade and organic certified coffee in our shops and in our online shop. We are very happy to be able to support such a great project and reminisce about our friends from Planadas with every cup of Colombian coffee!

You can find the coffee here.

Viva Colombia!