Since 1978, our coffee beans have been roasted by hand and delivered fresh to our cafés from day to day. What makes EINSTEIN KAFFEE™ special is our philosophy – we use only Arabica beans from which the fine highland coffees are made. For EINSTEIN KAFFEE™, our Viennese house blend is the core. Only our roasting master knows the secret recipe and passes it on from generation to generation. Whether it's a Cappuccino, Americano or Flat White – our coffee drinks have always been prepared in the shops with our Viennese blend.

Coffee Beans from the EINSTEIN KAFFEE roastery

Over twenty coffee beans, from four continents, in different variations. You can enjoy our gourmet coffees as single origins or blends directly from our own coffee roastery. They are suitable for both filter coffee and delicious espresso preparation. 

Our speciality is the well balanced Wiener MischungThis special espresso blend has its roots in our rich tradition of carefully selecting and roasting our very own coffee. It combines the flavors of the best coffee beans around the world and the tasteful characteristics of Berlin. A particularly mild and balanced espresso, whose character is shaped by the Brazilian Santos, carefully rounded off with five other Arabicas.


Da uns die Qualität unseres Rohkaffees ausgesprochen wichtig ist, reisen wir regelmäßig in die Kaffeeursprungsländer und überzeugen uns persönlich von Anbaumethoden, der Pflanzenqualität, und verhandeln faire Preise für exzellente Kaffeebohnen (siehe unsere Dokumentation über die Ursprungsreise nach Kolumbien). Diese transparente Zusammenarbeit wird von vielen unsere Kaffeeplantagen mit Ihrer Treue bereits seit über 20 Jahren belohnt.

Kaffeebohnen im Cafe Shop EINSTEIN KAFFEE